Complex Open Heart Surgery

If you or one of your loved ones require open heart surgery, the benefit of seeing an experienced cardiac surgeon is the depth of knowledge and advanced capabilities he has gained over many years and 1000’s of patients.

I have been a cardiac surgeon for over two decades and have performed over 3500 open, robotic and minimally invasive heart surgeries in my career. In addition, I completed 2 year-long advanced clinical fellowships at such world renowned heart surgery centers as The University of Maryland and The Cleveland Clinic. At these centers, although my training specially focused on Robotics and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, I also performed hundreds of advanced, highly complex open heart surgeries as well.

Although all our patients are considered for MiniHeartSurgery, unfortunately not all are candidates. Many highly complex or multiple cardiac surgical conditions require a traditional approach to fully attend to safely and completely.  Please always know that although my  preference and passion is Robotics and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, my number one priority is always your safety and an excellent clinical outcome.  I hope you will consider our program and look forward to seeing you in consultation.

One of my 90 year old patients who underwent a successful triple valve open heart surgery some days ago!

Dr. Lee successful triple valve open heart surgery