Why Mini Heart Surgery?

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MiniHeartSurgery offers patients a comprehensive minimally invasive approach to heart surgery that can benefit them in many ways. By reducing trauma to the body, our patients often have less pain and scarring, less blood loss, less need for blood transfusions, and they achieve a faster recovery!

What is MiniHeartSurgery?

MiniHeartSurgery is a term I coined for the type of cardiac surgery I have a passion for. I received my medical training at some of the best medical centers in the world back in the 1990s. Back then and today, heart surgery is performed most of the time through 8 – 10 inch incisions splitting the breastbone all the way from top to bottom. This approach is very safe and time tested but could there be a better way? It turns out that MiniHeartSurgery may be a better way for many patients needing heart surgery! If the patient and I decide he or she is a good candidate for robotic heart surgery, we make just a few tiny ‘keyholes’ between their ribs to allow robotic arms and a tiny 3D camera access to their heart. At a nearby console, I guide the robotic instruments inside the patient’s chest and can perform the very same heart surgeries that in the past required opening the patient’s entire chest open. If the patient and I decide he or she is not an ideal candidate for a robotic approach, I have been extensively trained in other minimally invasive approaches that require only a 3 – 4 inch incision. I always seek to perform my surgeries as minimally invasively as possible but I always have one top priority in mind, and that is patient safety. If a bigger incision is required, I will always do what’s in the best interest of the patient.

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